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Arizonans for Fair Elections Submits 475,290 Signatures to Defend Democracy

Strong Community Support Propels the Campaign toward Qualification with Double the 238,645 Required Valid Signatures Needed for November’s Ballot


PHOENIX – Arizonans for Fair Elections, an unprecedented local coalition that united to protect democracy and safeguard elections submitted DOUBLE the number of signatures required for the November ballot today and is poised for qualification. 


The group submitted 475,290 signatures, which is double the 237,645 valid signatures required by state law. The signatures were collected in 150 days. The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office begins processing those petitions immediately. 


“We are filled with gratitude for the volunteers, supporters and partners who made this possible,” said Teresa Mabry, co-director of Arizona Democracy Resource Center. “We will restore power to the people and ensure our free and fair elections are never overturned by extremists in the Arizona legislature.” 


Hundreds of volunteers from dozens of organizations coalesced to secure qualification. Those groups include Arizona Democracy Resource Center, Activate 48, LUCHA, Our Voice Our Vote Arizona, Chispa, Arizona Deserves Better and Mi Familia Vota. 


The coalition also includes organizations working tirelessly to improve education, support veterans, protect the environment, advance animal welfare, protect workers, ensure equality, protect the freedom of religion, improve our criminal justice system, restore abortion rights and reproductive justice. Supporters  include veterans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, healthcare workers, parents, students, retirees, first responders and tribal nations – all of whom believe in democracy and the power of the people to make positive change.


“I’m proud of the hundreds of thousands of Arizonans who signed their name to protect our democracy and expand access to the ballot box,” said Laura Dent, coalition director of Activate 48. “This turnout is a significant step toward ensuring our electoral process works for all Arizonans. We invested $1 million into this campaign because we know this is a community that understands the power of direct democracy, where every voice can be heard and every vote can be counted.”


The Fair Elections Act isn’t the only democracy-related proposition on November’s ballot. The Big-Lie-obsessed Arizona Legislature referred four other items that chip away at voters’ rights or privacy — one requires voters write their birthdays and ID numbers on the outside of ballot envelopes, another requires a 60/40 majority for any future initiative’s passage, another gives the legislature the power to gut the 25-year-old Voter Protection Act and the last mandates initiatives are “single subject.” 


When passed in November, the Fair Elections Act would prevail by having more votes than those democracy-defying measures. It also: 

  • Prevents the state legislature from overturning presidential election results.

  • Keeps ballots private. 

  • Guards against ballots and other election materials being turned over to unaccountable outside entities for improper uses. 

  • Protects citizens’ right to vote by mail and stay on the permanent early voting  list.

  • Protects voting access for Tribal voters and voters with disabilities. 

    • Requires Tribal input on the  location and hours of polling places. 

    • Protects voters with disabilities by ensuring access to a  variety of voting methods, including curbside. 

  • Gives people more time and options for voting.

    • Extends in-person early voting through the day  before election day. 

    • Allows voters to vote at any polling location in their county.  

  • Makes voter registration more accessible and accurate. 

    • Automatically updates a voter’s  registration when they sign up for a driver's license or state ID or when they change their address at the MVD. 

    • Allows people to register at a polling place on Election Day, before they cast their ballot. 

  • Safeguards voters' constitutional right to pass their own laws. 

    • Prevents opponents of citizen-led initiatives from abusing minor technicalities to try to disqualify petition signatures. 

  • The Fair Elections Act fights corruption and limits the power of lobbyists. 

    • Prohibits lobbyists from giving certain gifts to politicians, including paying for lawmakers’ travel  and expensive meals. 

    • Reduces the amounts that any one individual or PAC may  contribute to candidates. 


“LUCHA has worked hand-in-hand with communities across the state for more than a decade,” said Alejandra Gomez and Tomas Robles, the co-executive directors of LUCHA. Through this work, we keep hearing that enough is enough — basta. People are tired of politicians yielding to special interests instead of prioritizing the needs of their communities. This ballot measure will go a long way towards hampering corporate influence and securing fair and free elections for all Arizona voters for generations to come.” 


Cymone Bolding, co-executive director of Our Voice, Our Vote Arizona added, “Arizonans are putting an end to partisan politicians who want to overturn the rule of law and delegitimize elections. The ballot measure is about protecting our vote and letting people, not politicians, decide who represents us. This is what democracy is all about.”


Worth noting that Arizona taxpayers footed a $5 million tab for the state senate’s sham audit last year. Aside from the national embarrassment of that circus, very serious concerns about The Cyber Ninja’s handling of millions of ballots from Maricopa County remain. 


“Elected officials should be working on behalf of the voters who elected them,” said Vianey Olivarria and Dulce Juarez, state co-directors of Chispa Arizona. But instead, countless officials are swayed by corporate interests, advancing a polluted agenda that works against everyday Arizonans’ best interests. The Arizona Fair Elections Act will help limit dark money in politics and aim to return political power where it belongs — with the people.”


Here’s a link to the initiative filed with AZSOS.