Arizonans for Fair Elections Files 2020 Ballot Initiative

New Initiative Aims to Limit Influence of Lobbyists and Special Interests, Remove Barriers to Voting for Busy Families and Safeguard Arizona Elections

Phoenix, AZ -- For too long, the political establishment in Arizona has ignored everyday people in favor of the elite and well-connected. Arizonans for Fair Elections is filing a package of common sense reforms to limit the influence of money in politics and to ensure every eligible voter's voice can be heard and their vote gets counted.

Today, Arizonans for Fair Elections held an event at the Arizona Capitol to announce a new ballot measure that puts voters, rather than lobbyists and special interests, first in our democracy.

The measure, filed today with the Arizona Secretary of State and Legislative Council and on track for the 2020 ballot, would restore power to voters by banning politicians from receiving gifts from lobbyists and special interests, restrict the role of money in politics, require that election officials update voter registration information, and expand voting hours and options so busy working families and rural voters who live far from the polls have a voting system that works for them.

“In Arizona, we’ve seen huge spending in our elections in recent years,” said Marie Provine, retired Arizona State University professor and clean elections expert. “That money influences which candidates win and who they listen to once they’re elected. This measure gives power back to the people. It strengthens Arizona’s clean elections system and takes important steps to reign in the role of money in politics. Just as importantly, it makes sure eligible voters in our state have the convenience, integrity and accountability we all deserve in our voting system."

Signa Oliver, an Army veteran from Goodyear, spoke at the launch, “Service men and women move frequently and oftentimes are overseas in service to our country, making voting and staying registered a challenge for some of America’s bravest. Arizonans for Fair Elections seeks to ensure that all Arizonans have an equal voice.”

While registering and voting seem easy for many, Arizona State University student, Aryhanna Meza, spoke of the difficulties her family faces: “My mom and brother both work long hours at a job in a packaging plant. Between picking up kids from school and getting dinner on the table, keeping their voter registration up-to-date can be a real challenge. We need a system that removes obstacles to voting for hard-working families like mine so all Arizonans can have our voices heard.”

Rossetta Walker, a member of the Sicangu Lakota tribe who lives in Tempe, is passionate about engaging community members in voting. “People in my community often have to drive long distances to exercise their right to vote. As a poll monitor, I’ve witnessed first hand the long lines and limited voting hours that make it hard for people to make their voices heard. It’s time for all of Arizona’s eligible voters to have a system that works for us.”

Ultimately, the measure, filed today by Arizonans for Fair Elections, will strengthen the state’s voting system by making voter registration lists more accurate and up-to-date, and safeguarding all Arizona elections with mandatory audits to prevent potential tampering.

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