It's no secret that the political establishment in Arizona has, for too long, ignored everyday people and families to the benefit of the elite and well-connected. Arizonans for Fair Elections is looking to change that. 

Arizonans for Fair Elections is filing a package of common-sense reforms aimed at limiting the influence of money in politics and to ensure that every eligible voter's voice can be heard and that their vote gets fairly counted. 

The measure restores power to voters by banning politicians from receiving gifts from special interests, restricting the role of money in politics, requiring that election officials regularly update voter registration information, and expanding voting hours and options so busy working families and rural voters who live far from the polls have a voting system that works for them.



Elections belong to the people.

- Abraham Lincoln

This New Initiative Aims to Limit Influence of Lobbyists and Special Interests, Remove Barriers to Voting for Busy Families and Safeguard Arizona Elections


Strengthening the State’s Voting System by Making Voter Registration Lists More Accurate and


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