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Elected officials decide whether our communities have access to high-quality public education, healthcare, affordable housing, clean air and water, and more. 

But so many of these “representatives” have refused to acknowledge the power of our voices, and have tried to ignore and silence us. 

Fair Elections will:

Eliminate voting barriers created by our state lawmakers.

Create equal access to voting, no matter where you live, your physical ability, or how many hours you work each week.

Restrict lobbyists from wining and dining our lawmakers.

Ensure our voices decide elections, not power-hungry politicians.




We will make sure politicians hear us,

not the lobbyists and corporations.

Every part of the Fair Elections Act is designed to protect equal access to voting, and to limit the influence of corporate lobbyists and big-money donors.

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Our Mission
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Strengthening the State’s Voting System by
Making Voter Registration Lists More Accurate

We Need Your Support Today!

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